Nice to Mojito You!

Fellow Bad Mom Kristin is the ultimate drink master / delicious beverage mixologist. She’s always concocting amazing combinations whenever the Bad Moms get together. It’s super refreshing, and perfect for any occasion at all, such as:

  • It’s almost Summer!
  • I had a tough day Momming!
  • It’s the weekend!
  • I’m thirsty!
  • I’m hosting a playdate! (make it for your Mom friends)
  • I just hosted a playdate! (I’m tired)
  • No reason needed! We don’t judge 😉


Bad Moms Sparkling Mojito

  1. Start with about 10 fresh mint leaves in the bottom of your glass.
  2. Add approx. 1 oz simple syrup and the juice of half a lime; add the lime, too
  3. Use a muddler or anything with a flat blunt bottom to help you mash up the mint leaves and lime to extract the oils and flavour.
  4. Once muddled for a few minutes…take your time – it’s a labour of love; add another ounce of lime juice, whether fresh or from a bottle, doesn’t matter.
  5. Top with a several cubes of ice then pour any white rum you have over top, 1-2 oz depending on how your day went!
  6. Top up with a lightly carbonated sparkling water.
  7. Give it a nice stir and always use a spoon to have a taste! Add more citrus or more simple syrup to suit your preference.


xo Bad Moms



My advice (for what it’s worth)

My heart goes out to all of the new mamas in today’s world.  Thanks to technology, there is just so much information readily available to expectant and new mothers and it all feels like it’s just too much.  On one hand, the power of technology is great because we can all be more aware and more educated and are better able to self-advocate, but on the other hand, it can become an information overload.  Everywhere you look you are bombarded with “how to”s and “what not to do’s” and warnings about this, that and the other thing.  A lot of the time the information that we are getting is conflicting and leaves us feeling unsure and a little afraid.  It has the potential of making us all a little neurotic.  For what it’s worth, I’ve put together a list of things that I would like to say to new mamas.  Take it in with a grain of salt and then forget about it if you want.  Whatever you do don’t let anything that I’m saying change your mind about something if you’ve already decided what is best for you.  After all…this is just my opinion and we are all totally different.  They say hindsight is 20/20, and if I had the ability to go back and do things all over again, this is what I would tell my 24-year-old-expectant-mama-self.

1) Put the books down – I’m not an expert, but nobody is, and although the person who wrote the book may have some sort of certification or education that declares them an expert the fact of the matter is that there is NO SUCH THING as “expert” when it comes to parenting.   Parenting is hard. There is no book. There is no guide. Every baby is different, every parent is different and every situation is different.  The only thing we can do is try our best to be our best and to make the best decision we can under our current circumstance.  If I have come to learn anything throughout my years of being a parent to four very different children it’s that what works for one baby may or may not work for another baby, it’s really a matter of trial and error.  If you feel more comfortable reading books then maybe choose one or two highly rated or peer recommended books and think of it all as more of a suggestion for a possible solution, and not as a bible for a definite solution.

2) As hard as this parenting thing is, we’re all naturally better than we think.  Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your natural mother’s intuition. Believe in love. You know what is best for your baby because you love your baby with all of your heart.  When it all gets too overwhelming and you think that you’re doing it all wrong, just breathe, and remember that we all have bad days, everyone makes mistakes, we’re all learning, and we’re all doing the best that we can.

3) Find a friend.  Choose someone who you can trust and who is due around the same time as you or someone who has recently been through it.  Having someone to talk to who can relate to the way you are feeling makes all the difference in the world.  Just being able to talk is therapeutic in itself, but knowing that you’re not alone and that your feelings of uncertainty are normal is priceless. To this very day, the thing that I need most in my life when being a Mama is seemingly unbearable is to be surrounded by supportive, strong, amazing women.  Women are the most amazing and empowering beings on this planet and just being in the same room as them is energizing and leaves me feeling re-focused and ready to Mom another day.

4) Take a pre-natal course. In my opinion, this is honestly one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself in preparation for labour and delivery.  Most cities offer pre-natal courses as a public service through places like the health unit.  Take the course and bring your partner along with you. A lot of the time the things we hear about labour and delivery sound really scary and very intimidating.  This will be the best thing you can do for yourself to make you feel calm, safe and prepared.  The fact will remain that every single labour and delivery is different and unique, but taking the course will put your mind at ease and make it seem a little more manageable.  You’re probably still going to feel a little scared or apprehensive and that’s ok, but try to trust that in most cases nature will take its course and your body will instinctively know what to do, and if things don’t go according to plan, we are very lucky to have an excellent health system that will be there to support you.

5) Understand that this is all new to you and let yourself learn. No one expects you to be an expert and no one expects you to be perfect.  Forgive yourself!  And know that making mistakes is part of the learning process.  Take it one day at a time. Don’t get so caught up with “making a plan”.  Have a general idea of how you imagine things will go but understand that expectations have a way of being very different from reality.

6) When all else fails, try with all your might to enjoy it all, even the hard times (cliché, I know). Your baby is going to grow up so quickly that you won’t even know what happened.  Seriously – when you become a parent your life enters a new level of warp speed.  You’re going blink and when you open your eyes your chubby little baby is going to be all grown up. You are going to miss holding them on your chest close to your heart and patting their little bums as they snuggle into the nape of your neck. They are only little for a very short period of time. Embrace the beauty and the chaos of it all.


xo Michelle

Mountain View DIY Mural

Every now and again a creative mood strikes! As my toddler began approaching is 3rd birthday I started to get the itch to morph his room from infant/toddler to little boy. The baby things begin being stored away or donated all together and new things added into the mix for the ever changing and growing little person living there.

I had seen cool murals across Pinterest for some time now and thought it was something I could handle (mediocre as my skills are!). It really turned out great I think and with a bit of planning ahead of time it came together quite smoothly. Anyone who knows me well would tell you I’m not a terribly patient person. I despise projects that drag on and on for months and quickly get bored with them and look for ways to cut corners near the end! Well for those of you with the same tendencies, rest easy knowing that this is a weekend project for sure. It actually only took me 1 full day but if you are a little more patient than me you could take your time and still complete it over the weekend.

It looks really cool! It’s modern yet exciting and fun for a busy growing kid!

The keys to pulling this off successfully are the following:

1 – Plan your colour scheme in advance and select colours from your local paint store using the plethora of swatches they have on display. This will help to ensure the colours all compliment each other.


2 – Do a sketch of your wall (to scale isn’t required) so you can get an idea of how you want it to look and how the levels will interact with each other.


3 – Start from the TOP and work your way down, that way the bottom edge of the colour does not need to be precise as the next colour down will hide/correct it.


4 – Mark the levels with pencil first and then paint over with to create the next level and fill in with roller.

5 – Optional feature: the bottom (black) level is Chaulk paint so my little guy can get creative! Be sure to think about what height will be best for that. Mine is about 3 feet up at the highest point.


5 – Put on a great podcast or some tunes and enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 Paint Colours (bottom/lowest level is Black Chaulk Paint)
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint Tray
  • 6 Tray Liners (so you can easily move on to next colour)
  • Small Roller (with 6 roller refills, to easily change colour)
  • Plastic Grocery bags (to wrap up liner trays in between levels)
  • 2 – 1/2″ Art Tip Paint Brush (for painting mountain peak lines over pencil)
  • Drop Clothes or Old sheets to protect flooring

Enjoy and please be sure to share your results if you give it a shot!

xo Kristin


You have to feel calm and collected on the inside to express those feelings on the outside. It’s as simple as that.

Having been a human being for 35 years, I know from watching people and existing in the world that the emotions a person expresses outwardly don’t always match those that the person is experiencing. I know that there are a lot of people out there that have to work very very very hard to make sure those inner emotions don’t explode and spiral out of control—this especially applies to parents. And we have all been on both sides of the fence: the one where we are judging a parent for screaming at their kid public and the other side where we are the one screaming – in public or otherwise. I recently read an article that I thought was worth sharing (by Wendy Bradford in 2013): The part of parenting we’re too embarrassed to talk about.

Parenting is an exercise in self-control. Control your voice, control your feelings, control your language, control your reactions, and control your actions. But what happens when you just can’t? When you have pent up emotions (i.e. anger) from many years of being a human in the world and someone triggers those emotions (i.e. a kid who won’t listen, throws an insane tantrum at the grocery store, and becomes irrational in a situation when you can’t calm them)?

Staring down the barrel of a temper tantrum, an explosion from your own offspring, whether at home or in public, is an intense situation that requires the utmost emotional intelligence and control. But often, our kids can push us to the limits of what we can tolerate, and I know for myself, that the intense emotions I feel in those situations surprise me all the time. Who knew people that we love so much could push us to the brink of tryingnottoloseitcompletely. And often, multiple times, in one day!

Kids have a way of bringing us to the edge of everything, including anger AND love. What other role than parenting can do that? I for one have never felt any emotions so strongly as those related to mothering and I’ve been very in love with my partner for over 12 years.

So when you’re on the edge and you feel like you might “snap” with your kids, what do you do? I am lucky. I have rooms to escape to, help to call upon, a supportive network. And even with that support, I am so sad to admit that I am regularly “losing” days to my emotions, and most particularly, my anger. I am often ashamed by my anger. My little guy and I have a fight, where he has a tantrum that inevitably leads to me exploding, and that day is lost—lost to emotions I should be able to control. I spend the next week reflecting, hoping I didn’t scar him with my raised voice, and longing for a time when he just wanted to snuggle me, not throw fits with me. I can see each tantrum and its outcomes clear as day in my head, and I have so many regrets about how I handled certain situations.

Mom anger, meet mom guilt: you two are very good friends aren’t you?

I think about those of you out there that don’t have any support. You might be a single parent or you might not have friends and family close by. And often, even when all of those supports and pillars of sanity are in place, you might just be too overtired to be able to control those emotions.

I want you to know, those of you in those situations, that we all feel you. And that there is support for you if you don’t have it around you already. I have been doing a lot of digging on research on anger and mothering, and to be honest, the stuff out there barely scratches the surface. This article is the one I felt had at least some useful tips: Managing Your Anger: How to Cool Off Before You Melt Down.

One of the most striking insights: “Until one has children, it’s often easy to escape the darker parts of our personality. Yet, once we become a parent, we are often so tired or pushed or overwhelmed that those darker sides we’d rather not acknowledge make all-too-frequent appearances.”

Don’t lose too many days. Find some support if you find that your anger is over-the-top. Your kids and your heart will thank you for it.

If you know of online resources or local ones you can share for mamas out there looking, please post in the comment section.

11079610_10152685617387411_720366890073339493_n (1)

Xo Sara

Spring cleaning

Spring is here!  We can all give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through another Canadian winter.  I love spring for so many reasons; I love that it means that warmer weather is on the way; I love that it brings with it longer daylight hours; I love that it allows us to get outside more and be more active; I love that I can open the windows in my house and get rid of all of the stale air that has built up over the winter months.  When I think of spring it brings to mind ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.  It has a way of making me feel fresh and new.

With all of this extra spring energy in the air, my husband and I decided to dedicate this past weekend to spring cleaning, and it feels great.  Our house is clean and organized and it feels lighter somehow and less stuffy.  We wiped down walls and baseboards, and cleaned underneath furniture. We went through closets and cupboards, and reorganized the toys.  We purged!  We got rid of stuff that was sitting around taking up space and accumulating dust.

Normally, when we clear out our stuff, we separate the stuff into two different groups; one group for gently used items that can be donated, and one for stuff that is not in good condition that we throw in the garbage.  But this year we did things differently.  I recently learned from a friend that textiles (clothes, shoes, purses, etc) are filling up our landfills and the decomposition of these items is very bad for our environment.  I also learned that many of these items can be recycled, but being that we are from a small town there is no local recycling plant that deals with these items.  So what’s the solution??  Diabetes Canada!!!  There are many local drop points for donations to Diabetes Canada, and there is also a 1-800 number you can call to arrange for them to come and pick up directly at your house.  They will sort through the items and anything that is not suitable for donation will be sent to a textile recycling plant.  None of the donated items will end up in a landfill.  Perfect!  My house gets purged and organized, the donated clothes go to a good cause, and we’re helping the environment.  Everyone wins!

So this year, when you are doing your spring cleaning and getting rid of textile items, make sure that you utilize this resource.



xo Michelle

Apple nachos

Your kids will beg to eat apples with this easy hack!

If your house is anything like mine on the weekend it’s nothing but one snack after another and basically the minute they finish chewing one thing they’re in my face asking for something else. It’s literally endless!
I came up with these easy ‘Apple Nachos’ to fancy up this old classic and turn it into something my kids would devour…and boy do they ever!
Couldn’t be easier:
1 Apple, whatever kind you have or 2 for more kids
Slice Apple thinly, think nacho chip!
Melt 2-3 tbsp of your Favourite nut butter until it’s the consistency of melted chocolate (20-25 seconds in the microwave does the trick)
Chocolate Chips
Chopped Nuts
Dried Fruit (chopped)
….The list could go on and on, whatever you’ve got kicking around the pantry is perfect.
Drizzle the melted nut butter over your apples slices and proceed to dress it up in any way that will make your kid say ‘Oh Hell ya.’
xo Kristin

DECCO toddler monitor

Well well well….I feel like only the best technology is born out of personal experience and I think every parent on the planet can relate to that stressful time when small toddlers make the transition out of the security blanket that is the crib. As a parent who has already gone through it with my older child and is staring down the barrel of it with my toddler I completely connect with this!

With the crib, it’s that huge sense of security that’s hard to give up. I’m reasonably confident that when I put him to bed he’s going to still be there when I wake up! This really helps me to shut off my own brain and get some rest. It was part of my struggle with a young infant…I wore myself into exhaustion because I convinced myself that as soon as I got into a nice deep sleep babe would wake up and need me, I was sure of it.

I see this little device as a ‘crib’ for toddlers! Not to lock them in!!! But to give parents peace of mind that if your toddler opens that door, you’ll be alerted.

I do remember reading in the news about the 3 year old boy who wandered out of his house in wintertime and tragically froze to death. This is the most horrific tragedy and perhaps a device like this could help prevent it happening to someone else.

Plus it’s totally cute and doesn’t have the ‘Big Brother’ vibe of a video monitor!

Well…what do you guys think of this? Would it be useful? What would you pay for it?


xo Kristin