The Bad Moms Blog

Well ladies, this is it. The official Bad Moms Canada blogsite. You’ll notice that all the words that have appeared on this site are real, honest, and also real. Can we get a “hell yes.”

In this fine beautiful world of ours, there has become a culture of mom-shaming and fake-momming, where all those pictures of parenting perfection you see in the media and the “my mothering style is better than yours” stories you read on the internet become all-too-much for the rest of us to handle…all of us, well, the bad moms anyway.

This site is the result of some moms getting together and not only relating a little to the motion picture featuring Mila Kunis, but also thirsting for some realness online about mothering and all that’s attached to the role. Let’s face it: being a mom isn’t always easy and being a woman certainly isn’t a piece of freshly baked organic ingredient gluten-free nut-free sugar-free cake either.

So if you’re a woman, and if you’re a mother (wait is there a pattern here?) and you are jonesing for some realness about parenting, we can relate and we want to hear and share your stories. Because when the group here at the Bad Moms Canada blog gets to talking, we always come around to the same message: it’s real and challenging work to be a mom. It is also rewarding, hilarious, and fun. But one thing is very, very certain. We need to support each other. With the power of social media, the interwebs, and good old fashioned face-to-face dialogue, we have an opportunity to help each other – so why don’t we start?

xo Sara