About the Bad Moms

This site is the birthplace (ha ha, pun intended) of a new social movement. Well, at least we think it’s a movement. Maybe it’s just a little crawl or maybe a million other women in Canada are “bad momming” and talking about it and we just don’t know about it.

Ok let’s try this again: this site is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Between women that have one thing in common: they are great moms doing the best they can to raise great people, with no apologies for not being “perfect.”

We all strive to be the best we can, but the media has perpetuated an image of mothering that quite frankly, can make us normal moms feel like a can of ass. So we’re going to buck the trend of perfectionist momming here, and just be who we are and share our experiences parenting, rocking life, and supporting each other – while not giving a shit if your kids’ homemade lunches are better than ours.

Here’s to bad moms. Here’s to moms everywhere just trying to make great humans.

Contributor: Kristin Moffat

Kristin: Bad Mom extraordinaire. She’s the mother of two: the first – your typical trick baby…delicately lulling her parents into a false confidence about their mad parenting skills only to quickly and brutally be proven wrong by son No. 2. No, he’s not their second son, but he is a big giant number 2 who shot mom and dad’s over inflated sense of baby mastery right in the nut sack. Kristin is a working mom just trying to juggle it all while keeping her kids alive (trust her, that’s the baseline) with “a smile on my face and sarcasm in my mouth.”


Contributor: Leigh Diggles

Leigh: Realist Bad Mom. Living in beautiful Muskoka with her husband, daughter, and mini dachshund, Leigh is a working mom, baker, and jewellery maker.  Since becoming a mom in 2014, Leigh has been enjoying every single magical, perfect, #blessed motherhood moment…THE END.  Just kidding –it’s no coincidence that her wine consumption has been steadily increasing ever since the parenting shit show began!  Leigh is all about keeping it real.  Parenting is one of the toughest gigs around – it’s no joke!  Her transition to motherhood was not so smooth – it knocked her down hard.  She is back from the trenches to share the joys and struggles that come with raising a tiny human.  Leigh loves helping others find their inner Momfidence, and she has a special place in her heart for first time moms that need a little extra love getting through – she’ll bring you all the homemade treats and all the wine.


Contributor: Michelle Georgiev

Michelle: Self-proclaimed under-achiever Bad Mom.  A small town girl from Northern Ontario, Michelle had big dreams of moving to the city and becoming a successful career woman.  After graduating from University she did just that. However, plans changed (as they do) and Michelle met the love of her life, got pregnant just six months later (Insert shotgun wedding here) and the rest is history. Back in her hometown nine years and 4 children (3 of which were unplanned) later, Michelle is appreciating life’s, and her own, imperfections, and advocating for the simpler things, embracing the chaos that is her life as graciously as possible. Reliable friend, loving mother, sister, daughter and wife, Michelle “gets” what it means to be everything to everyone and still be able to find the beauty in every day.


Editor: Sara Leggett

Sara: Queen of unbalanced balance. Currently revamping her language patterns as to not forever scar her 2.5 year-old, Sara is your typical good mom wannabe without the apologies. Married with two boys (newest being 7 months), Sara is no stranger to hard work and getting a little dirty. Sara is proud to be the editor of Bad Moms Canada — inspired by just being a mom and trying to make it all work and also loving Mila Kunis for keeping it real in the motion picture. Having returned to work after both kids turned 0.5 days old (uterus barely intact and bladder working at 32%), Sara embodies the term “working mom” and knows that balancing it all isn’t always the Sarah Jessica Parker movie it’s supposed to be. Speaking of SJP, if you want to talk movies, Sara’s you’re gal. Or music. Or anything, really, but no talking to Sara until after the witching hours (i.e. between 5-8).