Out into the world

Just like that… Something huge happened in my life this week: my second baby all of a sudden turned into a little boy.

It was almost instantaneous. One minute I was rocking him because his teeth hurt (he still doesn’t have that many at 15 months) and the next minute, I go to pick him up after his first day at Montessori, and he’s sitting in a big boy chair looking at me, happy to be munching on his crackers alongside his new friends. Like he was a grown up already. He’s 15 months, and he has gone off into the world—a few times a week being taken care of by people other than his family.

With my eldest it seemed so much different, I guess because I knew I was going to be having another baby in a year or two. Sending K into the big bad world just meant I was closer to having another baby, and the baby stage of parenting still very much consumed my life…the road seemed very long until this stage.

But all of a sudden, this next stage arrived! It was like getting smacked in the face with reality: Time really does fly.

The last 4 years have gone like this: prepare to be pregnant, be pregnant, give birth, nurse a baby, prepare to be pregnant, be pregnant, give birth, nurse a baby. So basically, all baby ‘stuff’ all the time. You spend countless hours sorting through baby clothes and purging things that don’t fit either kid anymore (I just did this for the trillionth time), you go from bottles to sippy cups to glasses, diapers to big boy toilets and standing up to pee, and all of a sudden I’m mom to two little boys.

Just a short time ago I had two babies that needed me 100% of the time. But at daycare drop off it was very apparent when I left, and ‘baby’ W waved, and his older brother gave me a wonderfully long hug, that these stages of development come and go and they won’t always need me, all the time.

My husband said it out loud: ‘wow, our lives are flying.’ And I know time won’t feel so fast like this always, but right now, he’s right: it is flying. I’m not lamenting that fact, I welcome each new stage and new step in the boys’ development. And big brother K has apparently already helped at daycare with his little brother (aww!) But still. Mama’s heart be cryin’ a little.

For now, baby time is over. Little boy time is ahead. I doubt I’ll be having any more, and maybe that’s what makes this ‘goodbye to baby time’ that much more bittersweet.

But man, these kids really do grow up fast.


Xo Sara


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