DECCO toddler monitor

Well well well….I feel like only the best technology is born out of personal experience and I think every parent on the planet can relate to that stressful time when small toddlers make the transition out of the security blanket that is the crib. As a parent who has already gone through it with my older child and is staring down the barrel of it with my toddler I completely connect with this!

With the crib, it’s that huge sense of security that’s hard to give up. I’m reasonably confident that when I put him to bed he’s going to still be there when I wake up! This really helps me to shut off my own brain and get some rest. It was part of my struggle with a young infant…I wore myself into exhaustion because I convinced myself that as soon as I got into a nice deep sleep babe would wake up and need me, I was sure of it.

I see this little device as a ‘crib’ for toddlers! Not to lock them in!!! But to give parents peace of mind that if your toddler opens that door, you’ll be alerted.

I do remember reading in the news about the 3 year old boy who wandered out of his house in wintertime and tragically froze to death. This is the most horrific tragedy and perhaps a device like this could help prevent it happening to someone else.

Plus it’s totally cute and doesn’t have the ‘Big Brother’ vibe of a video monitor!

Well…what do you guys think of this? Would it be useful? What would you pay for it?


xo Kristin


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