Physical care down there

Ok mamas, I need your advice.  Has anyone gone to see a pelvic physical therapist after giving birth?

After having four vaginal deliveries, my body is very much so in a state of dysfunction.  My lower back aches constantly, my hips are sore, my core is not strong, and I can’t skip or jump (or do anything with any amount of force) without peeing a little. After reading this article: (click here) I’m beginning to realize that it is pretty normal for women to have these issues, and that it makes sense considering what my body has gone through over the child bearing years.

Recently, I’ve talked to a few other Moms who have mentioned that they went to see a pelvis physical therapist after giving birth and that it helped them immensely.  I want to go, but I am too shy.  I’m having a hard time putting my own insecurities aside and just doing what I know is going to be best for my health and for my body.  Has anyone gone to see a pelvic floor therapist?  Can you speak to the benefits of this therapy?  Were you shy to go at first?  Can you recommend any tips for overcoming your apprehensions?


xo Michelle


9 thoughts on “Physical care down there

  1. I hear you on the skipping part, it’s not fun and certainly does not motivate me to be in public gym while working out..glad to know I’m not the only one! I’ve only heard amazing things about pelvic floor therapy:)

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  2. Hi Michelle! I am a physiotherapist who is in the middle of completing my pelvic floor training. It’s normal to feel shy, but there is SO MUCH EVIDENCE to support that what we do really helps. Nobody needs to suffer from incontinece (among other things), there is so much that can be done to help. Almost all pelvic floor physios are moms themselves, so we get it! One of the gurus in our field works in North Bay. Feel free to PM me if you want her name of if you want me to give you a heads up on what to expect at a typical visit ☺️


  3. Michelle! This is SO common!!! I am a Physio but I do not do pelvic floor PT as it’s a specialty skill that requires extra courses (yup usually in the courses the therapists have to practice on each other so pretty likely they get the awkwardness…and I hear a lot of them usually are interested due to experiencing the exact symptoms you’re describing). I have also gone to one (as the patient). It is totally awkward but if you can get past it, it can be very worth it. I would recommend going to a therapist that a friend has gone to for the same reasons and has had good results…but that’s just me. If you want more specifics or the dirty details please e-mail me.


  4. You have had 4 babies! You can do this! 100%! And it will improve your quality of life, promise. Seeing my PT was more valuable and important than any doc visit postpartum. Highly recommend it 👍🏻

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  5. I have had four vaginal deliveries and probably have the same insecurities as you do! I saw the pelvic floor physio guru in north bay but only for a few sessions. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on anterior/posterior vaginal wall repair (vaginoplasty), and trying to find a way to get it covered by ohip. “Apparently”, its supposed to put everything back to where it belongs, give you sensation back (like prepregancy-ish!), and just hold everything up where it belongs (i.e. Bladder, uterus…).


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