Constance Hall

If you don’t know who Constance Hall is, you should! She’s a trailblazer and inspiration to the sentiments we hold so near and dear to us here at Bad Moms. This interview (click here) is an example of the judgment and shaming we’re all trying to eliminate!!! This TV host clearly took personal Constance’s attempt to show and discuss what a ‘real’ Mom’s life looked like and viewed it as a judgment on her perfect one. Although awkward and hard to watch, Constance was able to make her point. No, there’s no shaming at all for those people who leave the house with a newborn looking like they just left the salon, or a house that looks like it could be featured in Architectural Digest. It’s wonderful and cheers to those moms who are thriving.
The point is that parent hood comes in all of the colours of the rainbow! It’s pretty and photo worthy and it’s ugly dark and messy too, and that’s perfectly normal and ok! She’s trying to say that if you’re a mom, sitting at home with a baby, with piles of laundry, a sink full of dishes and a dirty head of hair that hasn’t seen a drop of shampoo in several days – you’re ok! You’re normal and we’ve all been there!
Cheers Mammas!
xo Kristin

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