Stop beating yourself up!

Hey – we all hate bullies mamas, amiright? So why do we think it’s ok then to beat ourselves up…ALL. THE. TIME.

I get it, we are feeling the heat constantly: pressure to be #1 mommy, pressure to be #1 at work, and pressure to be #1 of all the “things.” But as a business person, I have had to develop some leadership skills over my career, and while I’m admittedly not the greatest leader at times, I see the value in reflection and understanding how far a good, positive mental state goes when you’re trying to motivate others, i.e. your kids!

I read lots of leadership and business content online and here’s something from Forbes, I think it applies to everything in life, including momming:

Stop beating up on yourself

I use lots of these tips to get out of “funks”: I like to cook really delicious meals on a day when things are making me feel guilty or I feel like I didn’t get it “quite” right, I loooooove walks with my best friend AKA boxer dog when I’m not feeling like superwoman (when I say to my hubby “I’m going for a walk with Hulk” he knows what’s up), and there are also days when I decide I’m just STOPPING. I’m just going to stop, sit in our playroom with the TV on for me (distraction element) and let the kids play (natural enjoyment) – no structure, just chillin’. It’s critical that you have outlets and things to get you out of that negative head space.

So to all the mamas out there who are saying to themselves “man I really sucked it large this week”: STOP! Stop beating yourself up. You are only one person and you are doing great.

FullSizeRender (2)

(Here I am, during a massively unproductive day, just existing in the bush with my animal soul mate. I’m just too tired to try to do much more, so I won’t!)

Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

xo Sara


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