The queen of mediocre

That’s how I feel these days. I’m not sure whether that’s just the new normal and I need to just get over it but I mostly feel like throughout the day there’s something that I’m feeling like a complete failure about, something I’m making some progress with and something that’s simply just ok. In the ‘Nailed It’ category my score is a big fat zero.

It’s a frustrating place to live….like no matter what our wins might be, they’re hard to fully appreciate because there’s a price to be paid for that win. If my career is having particularly successful period of time then the cost is my family, in that I’m working more or I’m coming home so tired that my kids’ bedtime can’t come soon enough. Then I feel guilty for even thinking that.

Or if work quiets down and I’m enjoying time with my kids then I start to stress about work and finances. Bottom line is everything is getting handled. Lunch is made, laundry is done, work is decent, meals are on the table, sleep is happening but the clincher is that none of it is blowing anyone’s hair back. It’s mediocre. None of it incredible, all of it is so-so. It blows! Does everyone feel this way?

Can you ever feel like you’re nailing it, or is it just a matter of adjusting your expectations? By adjusting them I of course mean lowering them! Would the burden be lifted if I accepted that my best is just going to have to be good enough even though it’s not what I hoped my best would be?


xo Kristin


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