Love and how important it is

Let’s recap. I have discussed recent struggles parenting my toddler in a previous blog post, and I feel it’s been sort of like climbing Everest without rope, warm clothes or really any kind of knowledge on how to climb a mountain. Because let’s be real: your first time parenting a toddler is exactly that-your first time parenting a toddler.

So add my stress about screaming matches with my little guy to the ongoing viruses – no – plagues that have overtaken our home, baby teething and varieties of ailments, add that to normal work stress and family stress and being overtired and overwhelmed at times and ta-da! Mommy meltdowns happen-I know they happen to all of us and sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day (the movie not the actual day).

And then. It’s the weekend, my head’s going to explode with a sinus infection and while the overall weekend was good, I am done with the insanity that is THAT particular morning because damn it was just too early and I wasn’t ready to face the day. Mommy was grumpy and on verge of a meltdown. And my little guy says out of nowhere: “mommy do you need a big hug?”

Exclamation points!!!!!! Yes, yes my little man I do. And just like that I realized how love plays into this whole parenting thing. My favourite thing to do when he’s having a rough day is to go all out with the snuggles and guess what? It’s rubbing off, even though his mommy has given him enough time outs to last a lifetime. He recognized a need in someone that he loves, and addressed it by showing empathy and love.

Funnily enough, the same day the impromptu hugs started was the same day I read this other blog. Yep, exactly what I was thinking (maybe minus the God part):

When you’re a parent, love really does save the day. As corny as it is.

Take a read.
Xo Sara


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