Three man team

Last week over the Christmas holidays, my mother-in-law came up to stay with us and help out by watching all four of our kids because school and daycare were still out and hubby and I were back to work.  I know many of you reading this will be imagining how terrible it would be to have your monster-in, ahem, I mean mother-in-law stay with you for a whole week.  Let me tell you… was absolute HEAVEN.  I don’t know how I got so lucky to have this woman in my life.  She is amazing.  She had four kids of her own and, when it comes to running a household, this woman knows how to handle business.  I’m talking President and CEO of The Georgiev Family Corporation.

I’ll paint a picture for you; getting up for work and getting yourself, just YOU, ready for work and leaving all of the kids sleeping peacefully in their beds; going downstairs to find that a to-go breakfast and coffee are hot and ready for you to take with you to work, as well as a homemade, delicious, and healthy, balanced lunch; coming home at the end of a long day to find the table set and dinner ready to be served; all of the daily chores taken care of for you including clean bathrooms, folded laundry, and mopped floors.  I mean!!!  Can you seriously think of anything more blissful???  I felt like I was on vacation.  It was glorious.  You know all of the times when you feel overwhelmed and you wish that you could just clone yourself in order to get everything that needs to get done accomplished??  Well, this was kinda like that.

Hubby and I have been in a state of withdrawal/depression ever since she left on Sunday night.  Her being here turned our 2-man team into a 3-man, lean, mean, child-rearing-house-cleaning-dinner-making-getting-shit-accomplished team.  How can you ever come back from that?  Once you’ve experienced that kind of pure bliss, nothing else will ever compare.  Seriously, I kid you not, hubby and I had a legitimate discussion the other night in which we actually contemplated the idea of having a sister wife or husband.

These people that have entered into group relationships just may be on to something…..except for the sharing my husband part….I wouldn’t be good at that…and I noticed that hubby may have been a little too enthused about the idea of a sister wife…and I don’t think it was help with the housework that he was the most excited about.

So now I’m going to officially launch operation “get my MIL back”.

xo Michelle


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