The Bad Moms Ultimate Gift Guide

These are things you need, things you want and things you didn’t know you needed or wanted, and you should tell your partner anyways just in case!

Personal Assistant – if you need to figure out how to remove skid marks from your wool throw blanket, then Alexa is for you. Seriously…the amount of things we google would blow your mind! Now we just have to shout at some A.I. and we’re in business:

echoThese bad ass Beatz by Dre – ’oh what was it that you wanted?…haha, we can’t fucking hear you!’


12 Days of Rose´ – what better way to feel the love than with the glow of a great wine to carry you through the holidays. Sobey’s is now selling the good stuff, so it’s a whole lot easier to get your grubby hands on some hooch.


If you’re like us, you don’t even have the time to pick the beasties from under your toenails; so making time for a massage is a big fat no-no. This little treat will help bring the spa to you! We’re pretty excited about it.


Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Trio…..corps is right, and how we feel by the end of the day. This is seriously decadent, hydrating and smells oh so delicious.


BLOWOUT!!! Not the sale variety; the kind that turns a mom’s hair from mom to m.i.l.f. And let’s be honest…anything with the word Blow in it that doesn’t involve a Job is a WIN!! Locally – mamma’s…and hubbies or partners looking to score some points, Chic Salon is offering BLOWOUT pricing of $20 plus hst for your beautiful woman to get a blowout for an upcoming Christmas party! Use promo code: Bad Moms and qualify for this incredible deal!

Find Chic Salon at:


Boscia Blackhead Face Peel – nothing is more satisfying than the thought of turning back the hand of time on your pores by like, errr….10 years?! Sign us up!


On a cold and blustery winter night, there’s nothing that can beat a glass of red and a cozy blanket – so give her one that counts! These faux fur cozies are the shit…


Dyson Animal…..seriously! Have you seen this shit?! No cords, canisters, or anything to pull around. It’s amazing.


What’s even more amazing – anyone local can visit or call The Brick North Bay with promo code: Bad Moms and qualify for an additional 5% OFF.

Who doesn’t love a great mani-pedi …and if there’s anyone who knows how to make your fingers and toes sparkle it’s Phea at Hush Esthetics!!! We love this girl and you will too…thanks to her, everyone who uses Promo Code: Bad Moms qualifies for 10% OFF ALL SERVICES!!! Send your partners in ASAP for some gift certificates


Feel free to share with anyone hurting for gift ideas!

xo, The Bad Moms




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