10 reasons to take a vacation, just you and your spouse

My husband and I are going on vacation in a week. We’re leaving in 9 sleeps. Yes, just the two of us. No, we aren’t attempting to bring our kids and that’s ok.

Yes, it has been a lot of work to prep and plan to leave our almost 3 and almost 1-year old for a full 8 nights and 8 days. The plan? A week at an all-inclusive with an overnight at an airport hotel to start, so that we can be relaxed about starting our vacation. Childcare is in order, just have to prep the house and the boys and make sure everything is fully stocked. It will be our first FULL week away, on our own (we got married down south but had a huge crew with us), in 5 years maybe? I am very lucky – we have had lots of 4-day weekends without kids, etc. etc. but this is going to be a doozy. A full week with hubby to myself.

On that note, 10 reasons to take a parenting break or vacation:

  1. You can eat a meal while it’s still hot…together…at dinnertime.
  2. Going to the bathroom solo. Or showering, also nice to do solo (or with said partner?)
  3. Both of you can take a breath, and maybe not lose your minds?
  4. Rediscover why you are a couple in the first place.
  5. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (even though you are probably in love with your kids a fair amount anyway!)
  6. Have some fun time, the adult kind (do with that item what you will, keep your minds in the gutter if you like, I’m talking about in the bedroom and out of it).
  7. Peace and quiet.
  8. You can hold hands on a walk and not have to “SWING!” your toddler in between you every time.
  9. Sleeping in…together.
  10. Have a conversation. That you don’t have to yell at each other or keep repeating, and that doesn’t get interrupted seven million times.

P.S. I am so excited but also will miss my little guys, so so much.

xo Sara


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