10 things to have on hand if you’re having a winter baby

A couple of weeks ago, my mom was going to be attending a baby shower where the little one was expected to arrive in December. With both my guys being born in January (both born when it was at least minus 15 degrees out), she asked if I had any tips on must-haves for winter newborns/mamas. I sure do! You can’t really get out when it’s that cold with a newborn – unless you are doing the doctor’s appointments or a short trip somewhere, you’re pretty much home-bound.

Lots of the things on this list would apply to any newborn and any season of momming, but here are the things I think you for sure need if your petite bebe is coming in the dead of winter.

  1. Vitamin D drops – the hospital and your doctor will provide but you can also buy them at the drug store
  2. Olive oil – the only solution for scaly baby skin. I know it sounds like an awful condition but little winter newborns sometimes just get severe dryness, and it doesn’t matter how much they are nursing/feeding
  3. Coconut oil – for after baths, will help ward off the dryness and makes them smell even more delicious!
  4. Fleecy newborn onesies: many of them.
  5. An absorbent robe that is warm for mama. Your hormones post-partum will be out of whack and I found that even when the house was warm, I froze getting out of the shower. My robe was my armour for at least a couple of weeks after my boys were born
  6. Good pair of slippers – see number 5
  7. Car starter (for your first few doctor’s trips and outings) – getting into a freezing cold car when it’s freezing out with a newbie and your hormones all screwy, not fun – warm up the car!
  8. A good carrier – lots of just “doing stuff” inside, and you can haul that little bundle around, will keep both of you snuggly
  9. A Netflix subscription
  10. Lots and lots of hot drinks!


xo Sara


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