Our little family of four (plus one dog) moved this past weekend. It was only a move from one house to the next, but it was from a house on the lake to a house in town. I will miss the lake but I will not miss the long treks home from anywhere, winter isolation and quite frankly, the massive inconvenience when two little children are tagging along for any of my usual outings. Because I am a working mama, it is nice to have the conveniences of living close to things that help my family. Oh, we’re out of milk? No problem – I’ll run to the store and back in 15 minutes.

I will tell you one thing I have learned through my experiences moving, when it comes to parenting, and momming specifically. It doesn’t matter where you live—if you are wealthy and have a big house or you are in a small apartment with your babies: Home is something that exists regardless of the house you live in. Home is a feeling, and in my eyes, an achievement.

I have always been a nomad and have thrived that way—comfortable to adapt and live minimally so that moving is easy. When I was 5 my family moved from one side of the country to the other. Since then I’ve moved probably 15-20 times, with my family, for school, with friends/roommates, and with my spouse. But I will never underestimate how each time, when the move was complete, my mom did her best to make sure we settled in and felt “home.” And I find that I take after her in that way: trying to find little ways to make a house feel like a home, as soon as possible.

Once I knew I wanted to have children, I also knew that I would search out a lifetime location for my kids to go to school, spend their childhood, and grow and learn as people. While I didn’t mind the moves with my family growing up, I feel like it would have been cool to say “this is the house I grew up in” – as I grew up in several. When I met my husband, and made the first trip to his hometown, I knew I would make it my home one day, and my children’s. It has everything we need as a family and I am really happy here, having relocated almost two years ago (oh wow it’s been that long!) from the southern part of the province. Both my boys were born in my new “hometown” and I hope we don’t ever need to move to another city.

What makes a home is a family, and with our move complete, I am really excited to spend the next couple of years, until we have to make a final call on city location (for my son to go to school), enjoying my family in our new “home.”

For me, it is really a new beginning, of a time when I feel less rootless, less nomadic, and more at home than ever. I don’t take this for granted as I know not everyone gets to live exactly where they’d like. But I’ve spent a lifetime waiting to make myself a home—and I’m finally here.

xo Sara


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