Like a pro

I think we can all agree that being a mom is hard work, and although it is the most important thing we do in a day, it’s certainly not the only responsibility we have.  Being a parent is a full-time balancing act that I can only hope I have managed to show up to wearing matching shoes.

We live in an age of information overload.  A plethora of articles, posts, memes, gifs, and of course they all seem to be preaching best practices on every subject imaginable.  There is so much information that even our go-to social media source had to extend their rating choices from like, and dislike, to six different emoticons! Six! That is a full range of emotions to take into consideration on something as simple as the best/worst place to get a facial in town (haha, who has time for a facial! The closest thing I have had to a facial was when my son accidentally splattered mud across my face on a trek through the woods).

For the most part I am grateful that the next exciting science experiment using regular household items is just a quick Pinterest search away (have you ever put a bar of ivory soap in the microwave? If not, it’s a must! Pretty cool!) But how are we supposed to absorb all that intel on parenting like a pro?  There is just too much!!! How to cook…like a pro, how to plan activities…like a pro, bathe, feed, dress, and occupy our kids’ blossoming minds and busy hands…like a pro!

I sometimes feel completely overwhelmed with the how-to “whatever” like a pro. As I a busy mom I am already juggling making three healthy meals a day, while maneuvering around whatever my son has decided he is not eating this week. Pick-ups and drop-offs to school, grocery shopping, sports, school clubs, special school activities that I have volunteered to help with, homework, family and friend time, after all of that I am going to say that I am feeling like I am spread pretty thin.  I don’t necessarily want to step up my game to pro level in all of these aspects of life. Would it be ok with everyone if I just sorted laundry like a semi lucid carnival worker who may or may not spill a little Chardonnay along the way?

So to the mom who right now has a load of unfolded laundry fresh out of the dryer now in a pile of her couch, who may have thrown in the towel and let her child wear his or her Halloween costume to bed because it was just a battle not worth fighting tonight. To the new mom that didn’t shower or change out of her pj’s today…Yes YOU!  I see you! You rock! You are doing an awesome job and keep up the good work!

I am sure there are absolutely magical and amazing moms out there that can actually do everything “like a pro” and I also say props to you!!! But I am just not one of them, and believe it or not, I am one hundred percent ok with that.

xo Guest blogger Erin


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