My little guy is 7.5 months. He is a big boy, a mover and a shaker, and on formula, breast milk and a variety of pureed foods. He is also a squirmy little bug. Which means for mama, nursing is touch and go. It’s been like this for a while as he is bottle-fed during the day while mama is at work and used to feedings being efficient.

Yes, breastfeeding for the most part has come naturally for me. What has not come naturally is this phase where little W has exhibited a need for more. Not more mama, not more breastmilk, just more. He doesn’t want to stay on the boob long enough to get what he needs, so it is a constant struggle to finish a feeding.

But that’s ok. We’re supplementing and giving him food because he just needs it. However I can tell you: while with number 1 child I was ready for the transition off the boob (he practically stopped breast feeding cold turkey), this time I’m just not. Right now, I’m on the other side of the country and pumping to keep my supply going and I can’t even express how hard it’s been to keep my milk in. And it sucks. Because all I want is to be home and getting those last weeks in of baby-led weaning. Instead it’s coming to the end faster than I’d like and I’m sad. I work a lot and I want to just snuggle my baby.

I guess this post is mostly a reflection about how time goes so so fast. And soon he’ll be walking and talking and I won’t even remember what it’s like to breastfeed. But really I could use a little time “slow-down”.

I hope little W is ready for hard-core snuggling when I get home in the middle of the night tomorrow. Because I miss his baby-ness. Big time.

xo Sara


One thought on “Weaning

  1. Loved reading this – thinking of going back to work early this time but stopping breastfeeding early is really my biggest struggle with that decision. It’s really tough! Give W lots of cuddles!


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